Better Video.
Better Sound.
Better Live Events.

And it’s all virtual.

Captivate a wider audience on a virtual stage with fully produced live events.

Your next event will keep building buzz long after the curtain drops because Vx by LEMG gives you the tech, the tools, and the professionals to make next-level virtual events a reality.

Plan and host meetings, conferences, fundraising galas, and give your guests the best experience they’ve ever had, whether it’s online-exclusive or adding on to an existing in-person event.

All packages include professional production, event recording, and content control, for a high-end event experience that’s dressed to impress.


Vx Basic gives you a seamless livestreaming experience for your live event. You bring the platform, we give you professionally produced content to impress and engage your attendees.

Choose your platform and we’ll handle the rest. From web streaming services like Zoom and Webex to social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, we’ll help you create and broadcast the best event yet. (Need help choosing a platform? Just ask.)


Control your content for a seamless program with higher engagement and less heavy lifting on your end. Our team can stream all of your content from a centralized location…from videos and presentations to panels and guest speakers, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your stream.


Professional production means that your event will stand out from before it begins to well after it’s over. From graphics, branding, sponsorship opportunities, our deep-seated tech know-how, we can ensure multiple source of content are shown at the same time to engage your audience, strengthen your message, and make you look really cool.

Maximize your event with a high-quality recording you can use to expand your reach. Use archived content to share to social media, create marketing materials, create a course, or even rebroadcast for those who were not able to attend live.


Take your live event to the next level with Vx Standard. With a customizable virtual environment based on our most popular event templates, your webcast will have top-of-the-line branding, a variety of options for virtual rooms, and a tailored experience your audience will love.

In addition to the Basic Package, the Standard Vx includes:

Customizable virtual environments mean that you can choose from our pre-built templates to personalize with your brand colors, graphics, and messaging so that your audience gets a fully tailored experience.

Know who’s coming with our registration capabilities so you know exactly who to expect when it’s showtime while securing access so that only pre-registrants can see your content.

Get a room for every kind of session: general, breakouts, virtual panels, networking lounges, and more. Special room access encourages real-time interaction, improves engagement, and gives your participants greater opportunity to connect with each other, your brand, and your sponsors.


Vx Custom is packed with fully customizable features that gives you full control over every aspect of your live event and webcast. A fully dynamic and interactive platform means that you can control what your audience does and guide them to take specific actions at key points. Plus you can track engagement with powerful analytics that help you build better events every time.

Dynamic design for your video player! Say goodbye to a static page and hello to interactive elements, graphics and information that change as your event flows, giving your guests a unique experience for each moment of the event.

Never miss a thing by including interactive features inside the video player to ensure that attendees can engage and participate even when they’re watching in full-screen mode.


Security features like ticketing and registration mean that you control who can attend to your event and how they connect with your stream, while even allowing you to monetize access.

Our video-on-demand capabilities mean that content is immediately available to watch as soon as it airs. You can divide it up anyway to ensure that attendees can watch a replay of key messages even if they missed it live.

Improve your events every time with detailed stats as deep and powerful as Google Analytics. Find out who watched, for how long, from where, and on what kind of device, so you can use for continuing education credits, increase engagement, and maximize every minute!

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